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There are tons of online Autism/Asperger’s support blogs, Facebook pages and communities. Along the way I have come across quite a few wonderful folks, some of whom I am now honored to call my friends. There are way too many to include them all, so I am just going to give you a few diverse ones and encourage you to search out more. A good collection of both parent blogs and blogs written by folks with Asperger’s can be found at the Autism Blog Directory

Of course I would love for you to join me and my community over at Mama’s Turn Now on Facebook as well.

A Chameleon in the Spectrum-

This page is a place where you can share your challenges and rewards of parenting in the Autism Spectrum and parenting in general.

Adventures in Aspergers –  

A blog by a father of 3,one with Aspergers and another with Anxiety Disorder, they get by with humor and chicken nuggets.

Adventures in Extreme Parenting–

Sunday is one frazzled mom raising two boys with autism while living to laugh and blog about it.

Confessions of an Aspergers Mom

This Autism/Asperger’s community support page is a place to share information, celebrate victories, vent, whine, WINE, cry and most of all laugh with others who are on the same journey. If you have a teen with Asperger’s, you NEED to read Karen’s blog.

Diary of a Mom–  Jess says, “It is a sense of community that makes the good times sweeter for the sharing and the hard times more bearable for knowing that we’re not alone.”  Here you will find some of the most sincere and beautiful writing I have ever seen.

Living on the Spectrum: The Conner Chronicles- Flannery blogs about whatever random amusement comes to her mind but mostly about her son Conner who has severe ADHS and mild Asperger’s.

Stimeyland–   Stimey believes that rodents are funny, autism may be different than you think and that if you have a choice between laughing and crying, you should always try to laugh—although sometimes you may have to do both.

The Real Housewives of Autism Facebook Page– This page is run by some of your favorite autism mom bloggers. They are rude, crude and let’s just say if you are easily offended, it is not a place for you. But if you enjoy a bit of snarky fun, then head on over to their party.

Yeah, Good Times–    Snarky, Mama to 2 boys: Child 1 is autistic and Child 2 OMG isn’t. She writes about…stuff. Sometimes. Other times she writes about other stuff. A lot of the time she doesn’t write anything at all. She is hysterical but as a warning…not G-rated!

Folks w/Asperger’s Support Blogs and Pages

ThAutcast: Aspergers and Autism Community-  thAutcast brings together news and entertainment for people with autism and Aspergers and people who are interested in us.

Wrong Planet is the web community designed for individuals (and parents/professionals of those) with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, PDDs and other neurological differences. They provide a discussion forum where members communicate with each other, an article section with exclusive articles and how-to guides, a blogging feature and a chatroom for real-time communication with other Aspies.

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