The Don’t Freak Out Guide To Parenting Kids With Apserger’s

Don't Freak Out Guide to AspergersDon’t Freak Out… You are not alone!

You are half way through grocery shopping and can tell that your Aspie is about to melt down. You know  you should just 86 the whole thing, but you really need milk, bread and coffee. Eventually your child can’t stand it anymore and falls to the floor in anger.

The outside world sees a screaming kid having a fit. You see the truth; your child has fallen off the wall and you need to help put this little Humpty Dumpty together again. Unlike the fairy tale, none of the Kings Horses and none of the Kings Men are coming to help. But you are not alone. We get it. And we will guide you to a calmer, happier place of acceptance and appreciation.

This is the book I needed when I first received the boys diagnoses, when I was quite frankly, “freaking out” and blindly navigating my way through the darkness. It’s like chatting with a girlfriend who gets it -who has lived it and can teach the basic things you need to understand for the journey of raising a child with Asperger’s. The approach is practical, and the exercises help you apply what you are learning to your own situation with your family. Bravo! – Karen Wesley, Blogger, Mom, Advocate – Confessions of an Aspergers Mom

We will guide you through a simple process that will allow you to:

• Break the cycle of worry, anger and guilt.
• Show you a new way to view your child.
• Help you to become a leader in your child’s life.
• Offer you support, hope and even a few laughs along the way.

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