There is so much info on the web that it is difficult to sort through it all. The following pages will hopefully help you with this. The list is certainly not complete, but it will be a good starting point for you.


Books We Recommend


Mom and Dad Support Pages and Blogs

Online Games Made for Our Kids

AutCraft-  This is the first Minecraft server dedicated to providing a safe and fun learning environment for children on the autism spectrum and their families. (It is free, but you must have a Mindcraft account.)

Whiz Kid   This is a site for young kids with autism. Games focus on such things as matching emotions, dealing with change, social interactions and more. Graphics are basic, but young kids will find them fun, colorful and enjoyable. (Free)

Play Time with Zeebu- The free online games found here deal with recognizing emotions, calming techniques and memory skills. Zeebu the monkey is cute, but I have to admit that the music in the background, while soothing to kids, can really get on a parent’s nerves. Whip out those headphones and let your youngster explore the world of Zeebu.

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